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Saturday, April 24, 2021


 01.    Identify the wrong statement with regard to Restriction Enzymes.

A)     Each restriction enzyme functions by inspecting the length of a DNA sequence.

B)     They cut the strand of DNA at palindromic sites.

C)     They are useful in genetic engineering.

D)     Sticky ends can be joined by using DNA ligases.

02.    Which of the following is put into Anaerobic sludge digester for further sewage treatment?

A)     Primary sludge

B)     Floating debris

C)     Effluents of primary treatment

D)     Activated sludge

03.    Select the correct events that occur during inspiration.

(a)     Contraction of diaphragm

(b)     Contraction of external inter-costal muscles

(c)     Pulmonary volume decreases

(d)     Intra pulmonary pressure increases

A)     (a) and (b)

B)     (c) and (d)

C)     (a), (b) and (d)

D)     only (d)

04.    If the head of cockroach is removed, it may live for few days because

A)     the supra-oesophageal ganglia of the cockroach are situated in ventral part of abdomen.

B)     the cockroach does not have nervous system.

C)     the head holds a small proportion of a nervous system while the rest is situated along the ventral part of its body.

D)     the head holds a 1/3rd of a nervous system while the rest is situated along the dorsal part of its body.

05.    Which of the following statements are true for the phylum-Chordata?

(a)     In Urochordata notochord extends from head to tail and it is present throughout their life.

(b)     In Vertebrata notochord is present during the embryonic period only.

(c)     Central nervous system is dorsal and hollow.

(d)     Chordata is divided into 3 subphyla : Hemichordata, Tunicata and Cephalochordata.

A)     (d) and (c)

B)     (c) and (a)

C)     (a) and (b)

D)     (b) and (c)

06.    Identify the incorrect statement.

A)     Heart wood does not conduct water but gives mechanical support

B)     Sapwood is involved in conduction of water and minerals from root to leaf

C)     Sapwood is the innermost secondary xylem and is lighter in colour

D)     Due to deposition of tannins, resins, oils etc., heart wood is dark in colour

07.    According to Robert May, the global species diversity is about

A)     1.5 million

B)     20 million

C)     50 million

D)     7 million

08.    The first phase of translation is

A)     Binding of mRNA to ribosome

B)     Recognition of DNA molecule

C)     Aminoacylation of tRNA

D)     Recognition of an anti-codon

09.    Which of the following regions of the globe exhibits highest species diversity?

A)     Western Ghats of India

B)     Madagascar

C)     Himalayas

D)     Amazon forests

10.    Which of the following statements is not correct?

A)     In man insulin is synthesised as a proinsulin

B)     The proinsulin has an extra peptide called C-peptide.

C)     The functional insulin has A and B chains linked together by hydrogen bonds.

D)     Genetically engineered insulin is produced in E.Coli.

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