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Saturday, April 24, 2021


01.    Embryological support for evolution was disapproved by

A)     Karl Ernst von Baer

B)     Alfred Wallace

C)     Charles Darwin

D)     Oparin

02.    The process responsible for facilitating loss of water in liquid form from the tip of grass blades at night and in early morning is

A)     Transpiration

B)     Root pressure

C)     Imbibition

D)     Plasmolysis

03.    Secondary metabolites such as nicotine, strychnine and caffeine are produced by plants for their

A)     Nutritive value

B)     Growth response

C)     Defence action

D)     Effect on reproduction

04.    The oxygenation activity of RuBisCo enzyme in photorespiration leads to the formation of

A)     2 molecules of 3-C compound

B)     1 molecule of 3-C compound

C)     1 molecule of 6-C compound

D)     1 molecule of 4-C compound and 1 molecule of 2-C compound

05.    Bt cotton variety that was developed by the introduction of toxin gene of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is resistant to

A)     Insect pests

B)     Fungal diseases

C)     Plant nematodes

D)     Insect predators

06.    Which of the following refer to correct example(s) of organisms which have evolved due to changes in environment brought about by anthropogenic action?

(a)     Darwin’s Finches of Galapagos islands.

(b)     Herbicide resistant weeds.

(c)     Drug resistant eukaryotes.

(d)     Man-created breeds of domesticated animals like dogs.

A)     only (a)

B)     (a) and (c)

C)     (b), (c) and (d)

D)     only (d)

07.    Identify the wrong statement with reference to immunity.

A)     When exposed to antigen (living or dead) antibodies are produced in the host’s body. It is called “Active immunity”.

B)     When ready-made antibodies are directly given, it is called “Passive immunity”.

C)     Active immunity is quick and gives full response.

D)     Foetus receives some antibodies from mother, it is an example for passive immunity.

08.    By which method was a new breed ‘Hisardale’ of sheep formed by using Bikaneri ewes and Marino rams?

A)     Out crossing

B)     Mutational breeding

C)     Cross breeding

D)     Inbreeding

09.    Identify the correct statement with reference to human digestive system.

A)     IIeum opens into small intestine

B)     Serosa is the innermost layer of the alimentary canal

C)     IIeum is a highly coiled part

D)     Vermiform appendix arises from duodenum

10.  Presence of which of the following conditions in urine are indicative of Diabetes Mellitus?

A)     Uremia and Ketonuria

B)     Uremia and Renal Calculi

C)     Ketonuria and Glycosuria

D)     Renal calculi and Hyperglycaemia 

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